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BigFix Labs contains add-ons, prototypes, and other interesting extensions we have made to the BigFix platform and applications. New labs items will be added all the time, so please check back frequently!

Let us know what you like, dislike, or want us to add! You can send feedback to us at

BigFix Labs contains various projects and information provided "as is" by multiple authors. BigFix Labs projects are not supported by BigFix Support. However, you are welcome to post questions/issues/concerns on, so that the BigFix Forum community can potentially assist. BigFix Labs projects are NOT put through extensive QA so you should test extensively and use the projects cautiously in a production environment.

Current Offerings

BigFix Excel Connector

The BigFix Excel Connector makes it easier to extract data from the BigFix Server without the need to write BigFix Session Relevance language.

For more information see:
Windows 7 Migration Assessment

BigFix's Windows 7 Migration Assessment Fixlet site is designed to help companies assess if their existing computers and applications will be eligible to move to Windows 7.

For more information see:
BES Monitor Vista Gadget

The BigFix Monitor Gadget lets you display predefined or customized graphs and stats about your deployment updated periodically.

For more information, see

Zak's Custom Web Report Repository

Zak made his nifty collection of Web Reports available to the general public.

You can get them here:

Right-click Console Customizations

You can customize the right-click menu in the BigFix Console when clicking on a computer.

To learn more about that feature, see:

Customized Web Reports

BigFix has the ability to import completely customized reports.

The current set of publicly available customized reports that you can import into your Web Reports is available here:

BigFix Asset Network Maps

BigFix Asset Network Maps is a dashboard that leverages the power of the BigFix platform to give you a new kind of visibility into the topology of your BigFix-managed network infrastructure.

For more information see:
Session Relevance Editor

There are 2 main features in the BigFix Session Relevance Tester: Session Relevance Editor against the Web Reports context, and a Web Reports Editor to write and run reports.

For more information see:
BigFix Client API Tester

The BigFix Client API Tester is used to test relevance statements against the BigFix Client.

For more information see:
Unix/Linux/Mac Client Deploy Tool GUI

The *NIX Client Deploy tool allows you to be able to deploy the BigFix Agent to supported Unix, Linux, or Mac devices using ssh/scp.

For more information see:

The Unix/Linux/Mac Client Deploy Tool is being deprecated, but is still available to use. The IBM Endpoint Manager Agent Deployment Wizard is the preferred tool for non Windows operating systems but it also supports Windows and can deploy to a larger variety of operating systems. To learn more, and to download the wizard, click the following link:!/wiki/Tivoli%20Endpoint%20Manager/page/IEM%20Agent%20Deployment%20Wizard%20%28stand-alone%29

IBM Endpoint Manager Agent Deployment Wizard

The IBM Endpoint Manager Agent Deployment wizard is the most recent agent deployment tool. Using the IBM Endpoint Manager Agent Deployment wizard, you can deploy the IBM Endpoint Manager agent to one or more computers in your network. The wizard runs on both Windows and Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating systems can deploy agents to a wide variety of operating systems.

For more information, see:!/wiki/Tivoli%20Endpoint%20Manager/page/IEM%20Agent%20Deployment%20Wizard%20%28stand-alone%29

IEM Agent Deployment Tasks (Windows and RHEL

Using the Endpoint Manager Agent Deployment Tasks, you can deploy Endpoint Manager agents from within the Endpoint Manager Console.

For more information, see:!/wiki/Tivoli%20Endpoint%20Manager/page/Windows%20Agent%20Deployment%20Tasks%20%28Console%29

Coming Soon!

  • Dell WMI Extensions
  • And more....

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