BigFix Evaluation Quick Reference

This page contains some references to information that you may find helpful during your evaluation of the BigFix Enterprise Suite. More information about BigFix and other BigFix products is available from

Click here for a quick reference list for more information about deploying the production version of BigFix.

BigFix Evaluation Information

  • BigFix Evaluation Guide - Will lead you through the process of installing BigFix, teach you the basics of using BigFix, and show you some of the advanced features of BigFix.
  • BigFix Evaluation Center - Information on downloading and installing the evaluation version of BigFix and on evaluating the different product solutions.
  • BigFix Evaluation Requirements - Information about the requirements necessary for running the evaluation version of BigFix.

Additional BigFix Platforms/Languages

Additional BigFix Feature Information

  • BigFix Retrieved Properties - Information on how to customize your BigFix deployment to retrieved various types of information from the BigFix Clients to create reports, create groups, etc.
  • BigFix Custom Actions - Information on how to unlock the advanced power of BigFix to take arbitrary actions on any computer in your network.
  • BigFix Bandwidth Throttling - Information that can be used to evaluate the bandwidth throttling features available in BigFix.
  • BigFix Relay FAQ - Information on using BigFix Relays to reduce bandwidth on slow WAN links, increase scalability, and increase performance.
  • BigFix Network Traffic - Detailed information on the various types of network traffic related to BigFix.

Miscellaneous Additional Information

More information is available in the knowledge base and product documentation at Contact your sales engineer if you have additional questions.