Power Management Changes

Major Focus Areas

  • Power tracking improvements (standby, idle, off, and active states are all tracked)
  • Enhanced reporting
  • Usability and work flow enhancements
  • Full Windows 7 support
  • Site localization in 7 languages


How can I obtain the new site?
Existing power management customers can request the new site by emailing TEM@dk.ibm.com.

What documentation is available for the new version?

Does this new version of Power Management require 8.0?
No, customers can enjoy the new features on both the 7.2 and 8.0 versions, although customers with 8.0 Clients will benefit from native power tracking Inspectors and improved Console and Web Reports experiences.

Can customers have both the old site and the new site subscribed at the same time?
Yes, the two sites can run in parallel. We did this so that customers would have ample time to migrate to the new version.

When will BigFix stop supporting the old version?
Support for the old version will end in February 2011. Customers can use the old version beyond this date, but BigFix will not publish critical bug fixes or provide general support for the old site after February 2011.