Patching Red Hat Enterprise Linux

The "Patches for RHEL 3", "Patches for RHEL 4", and "Patches for RHEL 5" Fixlet sites replace the older product "Patches RedHat Enterprise Linux" and provide full coverage of Red Hat Security, Bug Fix and Enhancement Advisories for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3, 4 and 5 systems on x86 and x64 architecture. The Fixlets within these sites can be deployed directly if no dependency checking is required, or the dashboards in the "Linux RPM Patching" site can be used to automate dependency management. For more information on this process, see the Linux RPM Patching Quick Start Guide.

Usage of the site requires that you have a valid Red Hat Network login and an active Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription for each Red Hat Enterprise Linux system you want to patch. In BigFix 7.x you will need to download and cache all necessary RPM packages through Red Hat Network, using the Download Cacher tool. You can run the tool through the task "Run Download Cacher Tool - Red Hat Enterprise". With BigFix 8.x, a download plugin can be used to automatically download individual RPMs. This plugin is described in the following Knowledge Base article: KB 1712. You will find instructions for each approach in the User's Guide.