IBM Endpoint Manager (BigFix) 9.0 Changes

Major Changes

  • Client Authentication - Enable authentication on DMZ relays to manage roaming users and mobile devices more effectively and prevent unauthorized access.
  • Client Mailboxing - Encrypt and send data securely to individual computers. This feature also enables actions to be sent to directly to targeted endpoints rather than broadcast across the deployment to ensure faster processing and performance when targeting endpoints by name or client ID.
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux/DB2 Server Support - Opt to install the Endpoint Manager server on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6 with an IBM DB2 10.1 database. This is in addition to existing support for the Endpoint Manager server on Windows Servers with a SQL Server backend.
  • New REST API - Simplify integrations with the Endpoint Manager platform through the new REST API. This feature also includes a lightweight command line wrapper to provide convenient methods for user authentication, session management and HTTP request/response generation and parsing.
  • Expanded OS Support - Enhanced agent support for Windows 8/Server 2012, Mac OSX 10.8, and Solaris 11. New agent support for Debian 6, and Ubuntu 12.04. Server/relay support for Windows Server 2012. View the full list of supported platforms here.

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