BigFix 8.0 Changes

BigFix 8.0 is a major update to the BigFix Unified Management Platform.

Major Changes

  • Streamlined User Interface - Role-specific views optimize workflows and enhance the user experience
  • Virtualization Management – Enhanced single-pane-of-glass visibility shows mappings between guest and host operating systems for better control
  • Expanded OS support – BigFix Agents added for SUSE, HP-UX, OEL, and CentOS
  • Flexible deployment choices – BigFix Relay support for RHEL and Solaris, in addition to Microsoft Windows
  • Local language support – BigFix Console now available in seven languages to support international locations
  • Over 200 customer requested changes and 70 performance optimizations in the BigFix agents, consoles, server, web reports, admin tool, client deploy tool, remove tool, and more.

Note: The BES Root Server service now connects to the database. If you are using a remote database and NT authentication, ensure the "Logon As" account is set appropriately. Please see for more information.

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