Most software deployment in BigFix is controlled by the BigFix operator who chooses which software to deploy to different computers or groups of computers. However, in many cases, some software is made optionally available to users who will choose to install the software. BigFix has a mechanism “Offers” to handle user self-provisioning of software (or patching or any other Fixlet/Baseline).


Offers work very similar to regular BigFix Actions except that the deployment will not occur until the end-user chooses to install the piece of software. The can do so by clicking on the BigFix icon in their system tray on Windows (the icon is configurable)


This will open a dialog that will allow the user to select and install the software packages (Fixlets or Baselines) that the BigFix Console operator has sent to them (all BigFix Fixlets can be sent as an Offer). The title, description, and category are all customizable by the BigFix Console operator.

The picture below represents what an end-user would see when they clicked on the BigFix icon: