BigFix upgrades are designed to be simple and easy while also providing control and flexibility for customers. Since BigFix can update itself, deploying an upgrade is typically as easy as deploying any Fixlet.

All BigFix components can be upgraded manually, but it is generally easier to upgrade the components using the upgrade Fixlets. Manual upgrade instructions are available at:

General order of upgrade

  • Server and Consoles typically need to match major and minor versions and must be upgraded at the same time (i.e., 8.2.x Server needs an 8.2.x Console)
  • The Servers should be updated before Relays, which should be updated before Agents
  • Servers, Relays, and Agents do not need to match versions and the upgrade of the different components can occur at different times
  • Older Agents can continue to report to newer Relays or Servers, but they may not have all the functionality available in the new releases


Server upgrade

  • To make recovery easier in the unlikely event of an upgrade issue, back up the database before the server upgrade
  • For large deployments, the server upgrade may take server minutes (or in some cases up to an hour)
  • Running the server upgrade manually is a good idea to ensure the upgrade completes properly and to see any potential status/error messages
  • For customers using DSA, one DSA Server can upgraded first to ensure the upgrade is successful and then the other DSA Servers can be upgraded afterwards (it is generally a good idea to increase the replication interval to a prevent the replication from failing repeatedly during the upgrade).