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The TEM Download Cacher is used to cache or pre-fetch all files that will be downloaded by all Fixlets in a TEM Fixlet Site. By caching these files actions will not need to download the file from the internet before distributing the file to TEM Clients. This application will cache the files on the machine it is run on and can be run from any machine that runs as a TEM Server or TEM Relay. The masthead file for the each action site may be provided using the -m command line arguement if no actionsites are found automatically. This application will not overfill the cache above its maximum size and can increase the cache size as needed.


Download the file above to a TEM Server or TEM Relay computer. From the command line, run:



This will download all the files from the Enterprise Security (Patch Manager for Windows) Fixlet site and store them in the download cache for the TEM Server or TEM Relay.