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The TEM Audit Trail Cleaner application is a command line utility that will allow you to remove previous versions and deleted versions of custom Fixlets, Properties, Analyses and Actions from the TEM database. The associated QuestionResults and
FixletResults are also removed along with the definitions. The data that will be removed is no longer being used by any of the TEM Components (Consoles, Web Reports, Server, Clients) but is retained in the database to serve as an audit trail of your deployment. Running this tool will delete that audit trail.

The tool will physically remove the data from the database, reducing the database size and potentially improving performance of the database. This may help to improve insertion speeds into the database for FillDB and load times for the BES Console. You should perform a database shrink operation after running this tool to reclaim freed disk space from the database.

Note: Support recommends that you create a database backup before running this tool and save the backup in a secure location. This database backup will preserve your audit trail while allowing the production database to be smaller.