This is a customized version of the "Skype x.x.x.x Available" Fixlets provided by the "Updates for Windows Applications" site in Tivoli Endpoint Manager.


The following Relevance is added to the end of the existing Relevance:

not exists running application "Skype.exe"


The install action is changed as follows, while the prefetch statement is unchanged:


// The "/NOICONS" option does not set start menu icons, which is a problem


// The added "/NOLAUNCH" option prevents skype from opening after the upgrade, so it does not disrupt users


action may require restart



This action is deployed as an open action targeting all computers. Any users not actively using Skype will be upgraded immediately. Any systems which have Skype running will wait until Skype is closed, or until no user is logged in. Upgrading this way is problematic for systems which have Skype set to open with windows, as they may never become relevant. In this case, Skype could be stopped from opening with windows so that there will be a window for upgrades. Another option is to target these machines with a notification to the user that Skype will be closed to preform the upgrade, and that they should accept the action when this is acceptable.