Representative Computers Selection Wizard selects certain TEM Clients in each subnet as representative computers based on custom criteria. Designated representative computers can be used for targeting tasks that require only a few reliable or high end machines within a subnet or group, such as for selecting TEM Relays or NMAP scan points. This wizard is designed to give maximum flexibly to TEM operators to search for desired computers to run a Fixlet or perform an action.

After successfully running this wizard, the operator can issue actions or policy actions targeting selected representative computers.



Step-by-Step Instructions:


Before You Start: If you haven’t done so, please complete a one time process in the grey box to add “Representative Computer" property to your TEM deployment.




This property can be used in the Take Action dialog to easily target machines based on their representative status.



Step 1: Choose subnet(s)

Select interested subnets and hit the “Select Representative Computers” button. Note that the subnet information is gathered by Analysis 840 of BES Support site, and must be activated to use this wizard.


Step 2: Choose Criteria:

Choose criteria by which representative computers are selected. This wizard will use information reported by these computers and display the results of all computers in selected subnet, indicating whether each computers meets the criteria or not.

You must subscribe to TEM Power Management and have power tracking enabled in order to retrieve the “Average Daily On-time” data.



Step 3: Analyze the Results and Deploy the Action

After specifying the criteria, the wizard will automatically select the best/most reliable computers that meet the minimum selection criteria, and will set to remove any previously selected Representatives that no longer the selection criteria.

You can also view all the computers in each subnet by their quality as a Representative computer and if they meet the specified selection criteria, and make manual selection changes if necessary.


Click the “Deploy Action” button to deploy selected actions.

Add it as a Representative – It will set the value of the Client Setting "Representative Computer" to “Selected”.

Remove it as a Representative – It will set the value of the Client Setting "Representative Computer" to “Removed”.

The actions issued by the Wizard only sets the Client Setting on selected endpoints. You have to run your desired actions in Step 4 to complete the process.



Step 4: Run Fixlets or Take Actions

After successfully running the wizard, you can now target the "Representative Computer" property when targeting an action.

The "Representative Computer" property can have three possible values:

Selected - You have selected as a representative computer in the Wizard

Removed - It was “Selected” as a representative computer but it has been removed

Unspecified - The Wizard has never specified any value to this computer.

In the “Take Action” dialogue, go to the “Target” tab, check “All computers with the property values selected in the tree below” -> “All Computers” -> "By Retrieved Properties" -> "By Representative Computer" to target selected computers in an action.