The Relevance Debugger is a development and troubleshooting tool for the Relevance language. With the recent introduction of the Action Debugger, new versions of the Relevance Debugger are no longer stand-alone, but hosted inside the Fixlet Debugger. The tool is publicly available at Fixlet Authoring.

There are six commands to evaluate relevance in the Relevance Debugger:

In addition to evaluating relevance through the Relevance Debugger, it is also possible to evaluate relevance through the client (by use of the Client Compliance API). This can be enabled by selecting Debug > Evaluate Using > Local Client Evaluator. A number of view options are unavailable when evaluating through the client.

To evaluate relevance through the Relevance Debugger, select Debug > Evaluate Using > Local Fixlet Debugger Evaluator.


QnA View

This view is very similar to the original QNA application. Questions are prefaced by 'Q:' or 'X-Relevant-When:', and are terminated by a line break. When evaluating, the relevance debugger will evaluate every question, and it will delete or replace every line that is prefaced by 'A:', 'E:', 'T:', or 'I:'.

If a block of text is highlighted in one of the questions (and the highlighted block is entirely contained in the question), the relevance debugger will evaluate only the selected text. This can be useful for evaluating parts of a relevance clause without needing to copy and paste.

The command 'Edit > Remove Answers' will remove all lines prefaced by 'A:', 'E:', 'T:', or 'I:', and will preserve every other line of text.

The relevance debugger will show return types and evaluation time by default. These options are controlled in the edit menu, or with Ctrl+I and Ctrl+T, respectively.


Single Clause View