Almost all data that you see in the BigFix Console or the BigFix Web Reports can be exported and used outside of BigFix. Data available from either method includes:

There are two general mechanisms to query BigFix: Querying the Database and Querying the SOAP API.

Querying the BigFix Database

You can query the BigFix database using SQL using applications such as Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio.

BigFix exposes database Views to make querying easier. More information about the views includes:

Notes about querying the BigFix database:

BigFix recommends that you consider using the SOAP API instead of database queries to allow easier-to-user queries that are faster and do not affect database performance.

Querying the SOAP API

The BigFix SOAP API allows querying using "Session Relevance" to extract data from the in-memory web reports database. This is typically faster and easier than querying the database (database queries can affect performance).

To get started using the SOAP API or crafting session relevance queries, see the tools and information available at: In particular the Excel Connector is an easy way see the power of the SOAP API and to help you create session relevance queries with an easy-to-use GUI and the BFExtractToCSV command-line tool is a simple way to create CSV files using data retrieved through the SOAP API.