The diagnostics utilities below were designed to look for known problems and capture variety of diagnostics information.

BigFix Client Diagnostics

BigFix Client Diagnostics - Version (2.6 MB)

Requirements - Must be run on a Widnows computer with the BigFix Client installed. Should be run as an Administrator or through the BigFix Support Task "TROUBLESHOOTING: Run BigFix Client Diagnostics". Supported versions: BigFix 6.0-7.2.

BigFix Client Diagnostics performs the following tasks:

Usage: clientdiagnostics.exe [options]

Command Line Options

-h, /?, -?: Prints help information.

-o <FolderName>: Put the diagnostics output folder in <FolderName> and compress the folder.

-r: Run a relay selector test to debug relay selection problems.


> BESClientDiagnostics.exe

> BESClientDiagnostics.exe –r –o __Diag