BigFix provides a Platform API that can be used to take actions, create Fixlets, create properties, and more. Almost anything that can be done in the BigFix Console can be done using the Platform API.

The BigFix Platform API is COM-based and can be accessed by almost any programming language. However, BigFix provides a simple command line utility to make it easy to use the Platform API without programming by importing simple xml files (the same files that you can export/import in the BigFix Console).




  1. Download and install the Platform API using the link below (note that you will need to match your API version to your BigFix Server version). For this example, you can install the Platform API on the BigFix Server for simplicity (although it can be installed on any computer).
  2. Download the BigFix command-line tool using the link below to a local folder (example "C:\BigFixAPI").
  3. Create a simple action in the BigFix Console (for instance, create a "blank action" using Tools > "Take Custom Action").
  4. Export the action by right-clicking on the action in the BigFix Console and selecting "Export" (example "C:\BigFixAPI\testaction.bes").
  5. Open the testaction.bes file in a text or xml editor. As a test, change the title of the action by modifying the field in the xml and save the file.
  6. Run the BESImportFile.exe tool (downloaded above). You will need to specify a username/password/private key for a BigFix Console operator. The syntax will look like:

    besimportfile.exe username password bes_bfenterprise "C:\BES Keys\username\publisher.pvk" "C:\BigFixAPI\testaction.bes"
  7. After the command completes, you should see a new action appear in the BigFix Console that has the updated title.

Using the import mechanism similar to the one described in the example above, you can create/modify the xml in .bes files and generate actions, Fixlets, properties, etc. See the documentation below for more reference information. Additionally, you can create examples in the BigFix Console and export them as a reference.


Platform API Downloads

Platform API Documentation

Support and assistance for using the BigFix Platform API is not directly covered by BigFix support. However, you can use the BigFix User Forum for more information and examples.