BigFix offers several ways to identify computers that do not have the BigFix Client installed or running:

BigFix Asset Discovery

The BigFix Asset Discovery Fixlet site allows you to help find unmanaged computers that do not have the BigFix Client installed (or computers that do not have the BigFix Client running) that are on the network and additionally help you identify network devices such as routers, printers, and switches that cannot have the BigFix Client installed.

BigFix Asset Discovery works by allowing you through Fixlet messages and Tasks to deploy "Scan Points", which are NMAP scanners, to specified BigFix Clients in your network. You can then use Fixlets and Tasks to periodically run scans. The scan results are automatically shipped to the BigFix Server, which imports the data into the database. The scan information can then be viewed in the BigFix Console in the "Unmanaged Asset" tab.

Here are some pictures illustrating the process.

The designated scan points will scan their local subnets:

The result are then automatically sent to the BigFix Server, imported in the database, and available for view in the BigFix Console "Unmanaged Assets Tab":

Instructions for using BigFix Asset Discovery

Follow these instructions to begin using BigFix Asset Discovery:

  1. First, read the warnings below about using the BigFix Asset Discovery prior to installation.
  2. Then please see the Deployment Guide at the following location to configure and manage the BigFix Asset Discovery solution:


The warnings below are very important, please read them before installing the BigFix Asset Discovery Fixlet site. Check with your network team before scanning the network!


Potential Scanning Issues